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Copywriting for one of Swedens largest healthcare associations.

One of Swedens largest healthcare associations took part of our copywriting services for webpages. PoGi acted as a sub-contractor to their main provider and both our contractor and the healthcare association were very happy with the results.

The mission:

The healthcare association needed help with writing website copy for their members’ web pages and adding meta-data to their CMS system. Two copywriters from PoGi worked directly with the association and their members by writing informative and understandable text for the members’ pages. The text needed to be very understandable as it was meant to inform a wide group of health service consumers.

The results:

PoGi’s work was highly appreciated by the contractor and the healthcare association. The association’s members have had increased visitor rates to their webpages, higher booking rates via web and improved visitor satisfaction scores.

For PoGi, results matter.

Explorative Study — Licensing Software CAL (Client Access Licensing)

A mid-sized multinational company, based in Sweden, hired PoGi professionals for exploring different ways of licensing their own software. The company is a world leader in firefighting equipment.

The mission:

The client company provides software to their customers to help them have the latest updates and fixes at all times. As the company provides high-tech hardware which is used in urgent and emergency situations, the licensing for hardware-connected software needed several crucial features.

The results:

PoGi did a deep dive in to exploring, and explaining, Client Access Licensing as well Authentication Management. When the study was completed and handed over to the head of R&D at the client company, they immediately initiated an internal project based on the pre-study from PoGi.

We can help you with the investigations and studies you need.

Node.js development for a trailblazing connected-homes project.

One of Sweden’s market-leading technology companies headed into new ventures and started exploring the world of connected devices within homes. In collaboration with their backend and embedded systems engineers, PoGi assisted their cause in developing a strong backend solution.

The mission:

The client was developing a complete end-to-end solution for connected homes, enabling customers to control devices in their home from an app. This type of solution requires strong and stable backend support. PoGi aided the client with senior competence in Node.js and TypeScript leading to higher development velocity and project quality.

The result:

PoGi developed functionality enabling distribution and versioning of firmware for the connected devices, a UI for authenticating customers and back-office agents, and various infrastructure improvements such as database schema management and a stronger authentication solution.

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