Consulting Services - Without Fuss

Consulting Services - Without Fuss

PoGi is all about consulting in an innovative way. No project is too big or too small! And if we can’t do it; we most likely know a company or person who can. However, we do love a good challenge and we give every project 100% of both mind and heart.

Simplicity & transparency are our keywords. We want you to feel comfortable when working with us, therefore we always try to be as available as possible for you to contact us. Our processes are transparent and we never charge more than agreed on. Sometimes ideas and solutions might seem complex, but we make sure that you are fully informed on all parts of our work. Our promise is to deliver qualitative and lasting solutions.

Our skillsets are wide but we are really good at:

  • Programming - Coding
  • Web/programme - Design
  • Apps - Aesthetical & Functional Design
  • Communication Planning
  • Content Writing (Copy)
  • Strategic Communication Advisory

We’re always ready for a new mission in tech and communication.

/ Sam & Johan

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